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Use removal tips to move your house easily.

Tips you need to know before choosing a removalist – Melbourne Edition

Regardless of when or why, there will be the same excitement in equal measure when it comes to moving. Yep, and the annoying things would come in fast and furious as well, especially in a global city like Melbourne. Do a quick Google search, use any words that jump into your mind: “home removals”, “Melbourne removal companies”, “office moving”, anything; you’ll find countless Melbourne movers trying desperately hard to market themselves, including us. But yes, we are much more calmed and professional.


Here are some tips that you would rather know before choosing a Melbourne removalist or even reading a review:

  1. For house moving in a city like Melbourne, you’ll need to know your budget.

It is much more complex than “deal or no deal”. When you search online, there will be many options to choose from; cheap removal services from the Joe living across the street, specialised removal services like furniture removals, commercial/office removals, you name it. Each of them would have a different price tag. So if you know how deep your pocket is, you would have a rough idea of what you should get.

  1. Know your demands.

Some removalists have their specialisations. Generally, some companies target specific customer groups. For example, office moving, home removals, storage removals and furniture/fittings removals. Others might be more generic in targeting customers, but differentiates themselves in other areas. You would expect your local removalists to be different from those big name removalists. Either from a price perspective or in terms of professionalism. For premium prices, you would get premium services.

  1. Be specific with your demands.

Moving is no easy job. After knowing what services you would need, the next step will be estimating the scope of your work. Most movers in Melbourne would charge you on an hourly basis; the bigger truck you need, and the more people you need, the higher the price would be. Do the math if you need to. A lot of websites offer handy tools for you to calculate the total cubic metres of your belongings. One trip using a bigger truck is always cheaper than 2 trips using a smaller truck.

  1. Be organised, be prepared.

It’s a good idea to be prepared well before the date that you are moving. Many movers in Melbourne would sell good quality removal boxes. If you are looking for a cheaper option, simply go to Bunnings or your local shops and ask for free boxes. Ask nicely and they probably will offer you more.

  1. Be upfront with all charges and expectations.

If you have valuable appliances, furniture, or anything else that might need special care, make sure your movers know this. They might charge you some more for this, but it saves you tons of trouble if any disputes or unfavourable incidents happen.


  • Simon Brooks

    I agree, when you’re giving out orders to the movers that you hired it is very important to be as specific as possible. For example, if you know that you have several boxes containing fragile items, you need to make sure that the movers know which one they are. It also helps to make sure that they know just how much they’re supposed to move as it allows them to bring in the right size truck for the job.

  • Frank Delaware

    A friend of mine is thinking about moving out of his house, but wasn’t sure how he was going to get all of his things moved out. It’s interesting that you say to check and see how much they will be charging for their service. It would be nice to know if you are going to have to pay them hourly, or if they can give you an idea of a price.

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  • John

    I think tip number 4 about being organised and prepared can really help you in the moving process. My wife and I will be moving in the summer, and she’s already stressing about the move. I think hiring some responsible removalists and being organised when the big day comes will do wonders at making the day as stress free as possible.