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Pool Table Removalists Melbourne

To dismantle Piano and remove in other places requires specific technique to safely pack and move.

Hints and Tips for move - Piano and Pool Table Removal

Careless packing of your valuable piano is likely to cause considerable damage which will be costly to repair. A1MOVE offers Piano and Pool Table removals carried out by Melbourne specialists who have undergone training in the dismantling and reassembling of Pianos and Pool Tables. These items are heavy yet delicate and easily damaged.

Pool Tables and Piano removals require expert skill in wrapping and loading. Maneuvering these items upstairs and through doorways is not an easy game.

Trust only those with the expertise to do this. Trust A1MOVE, the best home removalist in Melbourne!

Why Choose Piano and Pool Table Movers from A1move ?

Affordable Removalists

Moving a piano requires extra care and attention to detail, as many pianos need to be partially disassembled to make transport possible. A1move has the skill and experience to:

  • Carefully disassemble your piano if needed, removing parts such as legs, lid, lid prop, music rack and fall.
  • Safely move it on the correct trolley and hoist it into our truck using a hydraulic lift.
  • Secure it snugly for transport
  • Remove it safely from our truck into its new location and carefully reassemble it.

Our Guarantee

  • Stress free moving
  • Valuable items fully protected
  • We’ll free up your time!
  • Excellent customer service!
  • No hidden fees!
  • Satisfied Guarantee

At A1 MOVE we have the experience, skill and equipment to handle ALL your moving requirements with maximum efficiency and the utmost attention to detail. We ensure your valued goods are fully protected and transported with great care .Whether you are transporting general house hold or office furniture, moving specialist items such as pianos and pool tables or entire offices or warehouses, we provide customised solutions to suit every need and budget. Trust A1MOVE to deliver expert door-to-door removalist services that ensure customer satisfaction every time.

At A1 MOVE, we consider three aspects of our service to be our ‘secret weapons’: the first is our experienced team of fully trained professional movers and packers who take great pride in what they do. Hygiene is a priority.  All furniture items for removal are wrapped in disinfected soft fabric. Packing is an art and our packers are artists extraordinaire. The smarter our team packs, the more time and money you save. For long haul moves, there are special reinforced solid boxes to further protect your belongings; the second is our fleet of trucks and vans which is impeccably maintained and scrupulously clean. Different sized trucks and vans easily accommodate your removal needs whether you are moving a few pieces of furniture, an entire household or an office or warehouse. Whether the move is a short or long-haul job we have requisite capability. Look no further!